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  • Compounds in certain fresh loose leaf teas may help ease stress and tension, encouraging a state of relaxation due to a natural tranquilizing effect on the body. In fact, I personally have had the best night's sleep after sipping on a cup of green tea prior to bed- despite the caffeine content.
  • Green tea in particular provides the benefits of mental alertness and keen focus associated with caffeine, yet without the “jittery” feeling often experienced as a side effect of coffee, for example. Try green tea prior to a job interview or test for optimum focus and feeling of calm.
  • L-theanine exhibits anti-anxiety effects by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, and also appears to decrease blood pressure.
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Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea

Fragrant of a garden in bloom, with a liquor that is lightly sweet & pleasantly smooth.

Price: $4.00
red clover detox organic tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Red Clover Detox Organic Tea

Your body will thank you for this healthful organic herb blend of dandelion, red clover & naturally sweet licorice.

Price: $5.00
Lazy Daze Organic Herbal Tea with lemongrass, spearming, orange peel Lazy Daze Herbal Organic

Romantic blend of beneficial citrus & floral herbs; flavorful & aromatic.

Price: $5.00
Meditative Mind Herbal Tea Meditative Mind Herbal Tea

Minty & floral blend of beneficial herbs; caffeine-free.

Price: $5.00
Energy Adjustment Organic Tea Blend by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Energy Adjustment Organic Tea Blend

Delightful, invigorating organic green tea supports energy & well-being naturally.

Price: $5.00
John Lemon Organic loose leaf green tea  blend. John Lemon Organic Tea

Biodynamic loose leaf green tea infused with organic lemongrass.

Price: $6.00
Moroccan Mint Organic Moroccan Mint Organic Tea

Invigorating crisp blend of mellow green teas, peppermint & a whisper of lemongrass.

Price: $6.00
yin hao jasmine loose leaf green tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness Yin Hao Jasmine

The taste is light, sweet & smooth while the jasmine scent is pleasingly fragrant & relaxing.

Price: $6.00
Merry Grinchmas Organic Tea offered by Teatrition Tea And Wellness at Teatrition.com makes a great winter or holiday tea. Merry Grinchmas Organic Tea

A festively merry blend of organic mellow green teas, refreshing peppermint & a whisper of lemongrass- a combo even a Grinch would enjoy either hot or iced.

Price: $6.00
organic calming rest tea Calming Rest Organic Tea

Quality loose leaf green tea from India; full-bodied flavor- earthy & fresh.

Price: $7.00
Organic Chamomile Tea offered online by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Chamomile Tea Organic

Chamomile tea has a pleasant taste & boasts flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, & other powerful antioxidants.

Price: $7.00
Organic Dandy Detox Tea Dandy Organic Rejuvenation Tea

Cool sweet peppermint balances the slightly bitter taste of dandelion for a must do rejuvenation.

Price: $7.00
Organic Feminine Herbal Tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Feminine Organic Tea

A berry-licious organic treat for women; a hint of cinnamon & sweet licorice. Considered an aphrodisiac by Native Americans.

Price: $7.00
Berry Scone Rooibos Organic from South Africa bush tea Berry Scone Rooibos Organic Tea

Sweet caffeine-free rooibos & bright fruits, folded in with apple, maple & vanilla.

Price: $7.00
Cold Buster Rooibos With Tulsi is a bush tea from South Africa Cold Buster Rooibos With Tulsi

A bright flavored boost of Vitamin C & contains the amazing Tulsi, aka Holy Basil; with just a hint of sweet & spice.

Price: $7.00
French Raspberry Green Organic Tea French Raspberry Green Organic Tea

Sweet Rooibos & organic green tea produce sweet & bright flavors of citrus, lavender and raspberry.

Price: $7.00
Night Cap Organic herbal tea with Night Cap Herbal Organic Tea

Smooth notes of red raspberry leaf, chamomile, rose hips & splash of cinnamon.

Price: $7.00
coconut rooibos chai Coconut Rooibos Chai

A burst of creamy toasted coconut is preceded by naturally sweet & tantalizing rooibos instead of the traditional bold black tea that usually accompanies Chai.

Price: $7.00
Mint Chocolate Cone Organic Rooibos bush tea by Teatrition Mint Chocolate Cone Organic

Think mint chocolate chip ice cream in a delicious Rooibos waffle cone.

Price: $7.00
long life herbal organic Long Life Herbal Organic Tea

Uplifting & refreshingly clean notes of peppermint leaf are comforted by licorice root & cinnamon; while chrysanthemum & honeysuckle flowers provide a harmoniously floral balance.

Price: $7.00
Triple Green Organic With Jasmine Triple Green Organic With Jasmine

Organic blend of green teas from Sri Lanka, India & China. Floral, grassy & vegetal sweetness.

Price: $7.00
Royal Raspberry Rooibos Organic Royal Raspberry Rooibos Organic

Sweet aroma of fresh red ripe berries; deep & tartly bright flavors swirl in the natural creaminess of mineral-rich rooibos.

Price: $7.00
Persian plum organic loose leaf black tea with rose petals & cardamom from Teatrition Tea And Wellness Persian Plum Organic Tea

An exotic organic black tea blend with sultry notes of plum & romantic rose petals precede a pleasant finish of cardamom spice.

Price: $7.00
Plumberry Spice Organic Tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness Plumberry Spice Organic Tea

Full-bodied, sweetly spicy & aromatic. Reminiscent of your grandmother's Christmas Pudding.

Price: $7.00
peppermint herbal tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness for respiration, anxiety & inflammation Peppermint Herbal Tea

Refreshing caffeine-free herbal peppermint tea.

Price: $8.00
Flat Belly Hibiscus Herbal Flat Belly Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Sip this refreshing sweetly tart herbal in the afternoon, as hibiscus is a great aid in taming that mid-day bloat.

Price: $8.00
Organic Candy Cane White Tea Candy Cane White Organic

Organic white tea boasting the natural sweetness of peppermint- with just a splash of hydrating hibiscus.

Price: $8.00
Organic Clouds and Mist Loose Leaf Green Tea offered by Teatrition Tea And Wellness at Teatrition.com Clouds And Mist Green Organic

Organic green tea from China is reminiscent of sweet, roasted artichokes with slight notes of toasted pecans.

Price: $8.00
Evening Green Replenish Tea Evening Green Replenish Tea

Immune supporting green tea & botanical brew helps nurture your system & foster your body's natural defenses.

Price: $8.00
Orange Crush Smoothie Tea Blend from Teatrition Tea And Wellness Orange Crush Smoothie Herbal Tea Blend

Naturally sweet, caffeine-free with orange Creamsicle taste. Kids & adults love Rooibos!

Price: $8.00
Green tea is known to have a natural tranquilizing effect on the body; promoting a restful night's sleep. Have you ever noticed that people who drink green tea are often calmer?