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  • Tea's energy lifting abilities continue long after you've consumed this popular beverage; in the form of natural energy and overall wellness.
  • Tea polyphenols are thought to strengthen bones and protect against fractures.
  • Scientists have found that the catechins (antioxidants) in green tea increase the body's ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance. Tea should be consumed regularly to gain the most from this benefit.
  • As a post-yoga beverage- hot or cold- we truly enjoy consuming green tea; as green tea also reduces anxiety & produces a tranquilizing effect on the body.
  • Mid-afternoon slumps can be managed by consuming a cup of tea for various reasons, not including the caffeine-boost. One reason is due to tea's ability to balance blood sugars in the system according to research.
  • The polyphenol group of green tea catechins has been shown to lower blood sugars, as well as the polysaccharides found in green tea. In fact, researchers have found that EGCG (also known as epigallocatechin gallete, one of the catechin polyphenols) influences the primary way that glucose is absorbed.
  • Of course caffeine is known to provide at least a temporary boost in energy. Black tea also stimulates mental alertness it is said, and this is not attributed to the caffeine intake according to studies.
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House Tea Oolong House Tea Oolong

Sweet floral taste with notes of flower & a subtle cream finish; great starter Oolong.

Price: $4.00
Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea

Fragrant of a garden in bloom, with a liquor that is lightly sweet & pleasantly smooth.

Price: $4.00
Lychee Congou Black Tea is a delightfully scented tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness of Bangor, Maine Lychee Congou Scented Black

Juice of fresh lychee nuts is added to quality black tea leaves from China, resulting in a delightfully exotic scented China Congou black tea.

Price: $4.00
Rose Congou Black Tea is a delightfully scented tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness of Bangor, Maine Rose Congou Scented Black

A fine Chinese black tea blend offers a unique taste with lingering romantic floral overtones provided by delicate red rose petals.

Price: $4.00
Nilgiri Black Organic Loose Leaf Tea at Teatrition.com Nilgiri Black Organic Tea

Black tea with hints of fruity floral notes subtly surprise the palette; no bitter aftertaste.

Price: $5.00
Vanilla Black Loose Leaf Tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Vanilla Black Tea

A quality vanilla black tea that brews a spectacular cup; hot or cold.

Price: $5.00
yerba mate organic energy tea from Brazil by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Yerba Mate Organic Energy Tea

Flavor is light & springy, but not grassy.

Price: $5.00
Chun Mee Green Organic Tea

A satisfying cup of loose leaf green tea with a plum-like slightly vegetal flavor

Price: $5.00
blood orange black loose leaf tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Blood Orange Black Tea

Quality blend of both the select China Congou black tea & the blood orange pieces.

Price: $5.00
blackberry loose leaf tea by teatrition tea and wellness Blackberry Tea

Refreshingly sweet & bright; essence of blackberry blended with a base of quality black tea from China Anhui.

Price: $5.00
Chocolate Covered Cherry  loose leaf tea Chocolate Covered Cherry Tea

Light cherry scent & velvet smooth chocolate notes blended with a base of loose leaf black teas from China & India.

Price: $5.00
Gunpowder Green Organic Tea Gunpowder Green Organic Tea

Smooth & smoky green tea; higher caffeine than many green teas.

Price: $5.00
organic chai assam loose leaf black tea Chai Assam Organic

A classical blend of quality organic Assam black loose leaf tea & fresh aromatic Chai spices.

Price: $5.00
Fair Trade Certified English Breakfast Organic Tea English Breakfast Organic Tea

Our organic rendition of Chinese Black & Keemun loose leaf teas tastes exactly as you’d want it to be - smooth, rich, & full-bodied.

Price: $5.00
earl gray tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness boasts large Indian black teas & bergamot. Earl Gray Tea

Delicately scented blend of large leaf Indian black loose leaf teas & finest quality oil of Bergamot.

Price: $5.00
Energy Adjustment Organic Tea Blend by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Energy Adjustment Organic Tea Blend

Delightful, invigorating organic green tea supports energy & well-being naturally.

Price: $5.00
Good Morning Black Loose Leaf Tea Blend of four black quality teas from three countries offered by Teatrition Tea And Wellness. Good Morning Breakfast Blend

Similar to English Breakfast tea, our blend combines four gorgeous, full leaf, black teas from three different countries, resulting in a deep, rich, well-balanced liquor.

Price: $5.00
darjeeling organic himalayan 2nd flush from India Darjeeling Organic Himalayan 2nd Flush

Full-bodied Darjeeling with a with a deliciously nutty flavor; from the Southern slopes of Himalayas- fanciest of India tea districts.

Price: $6.00
Bangor Breakfast Tea Blend at Teatrition.com Bangor Breakfast Tea Blend

Warm, Rich Flavor, Full-bodied, Robust. Decadent!

Price: $6.00
Chocolate Peppermint Patty Tea Chocolate Peppermint Patty

Black tea with fresh peppermint leaves & hints of mocha.

Price: $6.00
Amazon Guayusa Organic Warrior Tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Amazon Guayusa Organic Tea

Earthy yet sweet Amazon Guayusatea is a "tea" we would label a Superfood- even if it's not technically a "tea".

Price: $6.00
Organic Scottish Breakfast Tea Blend by Teatrition.com Scottish Breakfast Blend Organic

Bold, robust & malty, subtle caramel hues underneath an organic loose leaf black tea blend.

Price: $6.00
mind & body organic tea Mind & Body Organic Tea

Smooth flavors of Rooibos mingle with rich earthy notes of Yerba Mate.

Price: $6.00
John Lemon Organic loose leaf green tea  blend. John Lemon Organic Tea

Biodynamic loose leaf green tea infused with organic lemongrass.

Price: $6.00
Moroccan Mint Organic Moroccan Mint Organic Tea

Invigorating crisp blend of mellow green teas, peppermint & a whisper of lemongrass.

Price: $6.00
yin hao jasmine loose leaf green tea from Teatrition Tea And Wellness Yin Hao Jasmine

The taste is light, sweet & smooth while the jasmine scent is pleasingly fragrant & relaxing.

Price: $6.00
Merry Grinchmas Organic Tea offered by Teatrition Tea And Wellness at Teatrition.com makes a great winter or holiday tea. Merry Grinchmas Organic Tea

A festively merry blend of organic mellow green teas, refreshing peppermint & a whisper of lemongrass- a combo even a Grinch would enjoy either hot or iced.

Price: $6.00
Organic Chocolate Cake Loose Leaf Tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness German Chocolate Cake Organic Tea

Chocolate chips, coconut, vanilla & organic loose leaf black tea make this a perfect dessert or anytime tea.

Price: $7.00
chocolate chai organic loose leaf black tea Chocolate Chai Organic

Traditional organic Chai spices, chocolate, & robust loose leaf black tea make everyday special.

Price: $7.00
Organic Eclipse Black And White Organic Tea by Teatrition Tea And Wellness Eclipse Black & White Organic Tea

Darjeeling black tea nicely compliments organic white tea for a hydrating blend.

Price: $7.00
Catechins, or antioxidants, improve the body's ability to do many things; and this is not dependent on caffeine. It's no wonder tea was medicine before it was food; tea is truly amazing.