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  • Welcome to Teatrition Tea & Wellness Online Tea Party!

  • Hosting a tea party is Easy Teasy! (See what we did there?)

  • Sign up to become an online hostess. It's free and you earn free tea.
    Online Tea Host Sign Up!

  • Shortly after, you will be emailed the official "Online Tea Party Invitation" to be forwarded to your potential Online Tea Party Guests.

  • The "Online Tea Party" automatically gives your party an end date of 5 days in the future. Only the sales through this date will be tallied towards your party. No future sales will affect this Online Tea Party.

  • Your Guests will RSVP to let you know if they plan to place a tea order. If they are unable to order tea at this time, they are still able to sign up for newsletters and future discounts and promotions.

  • Free Shipping to one central address is included with your party. If a Guest prefers to have her purchase mailed to a separate address, normal shipping applies- and good news- Free Shipping at $50!

  • Regardless of where the teas are shipped, you will receive 20% in Free Tea or accessories based on the total sales of your Online Tea Party. And it's all your choice!

  • Once the Online Tea Party ends, you will be notified of your Free Tea earnings. You do NOT have to spend your Free Tea immediately. You may elect to receive a gift card for future use. You may elect to transfer your gift card to someone else. Your gift card will Never Expire.

  • Your friends will shop and choose from the very finest organic loose leaf teas from around the world and limited quantity steepware.

  • You will benefit from not only Free Tea of your choice for inviting them to shop with Teatrition Tea And Wellness - based of health and spiritual needs- but also the satisfaction of knowing you are helping them make a life altering habit- drinking nutritional flavorful teas!

"There is nothing in life that cannot be solved by a cup of tea with a friend." -Anonymous