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  • All teas come from the same plant, the Camellia Sinensis. However, white tea is the least oxidized leaves of all the tea types.
  • White tea is uncured and unfermented.
  • White tea showed the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas, according to at least one study.
  • Research supports anti-inflammatory qualities, especially in regards to arthritis.
  • Supports strong bone health
  • Slows signs of aging
  • Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial qualities
  • Cleanse & Detox
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Health
  • Mental Clarity
  • Weight Management
  • White tea helps keep your skin acne–free
  • White tea can create a calmer but more alert state of mind. Buddhist monks drank white tea to keep them from falling asleep during meditation. Relieves anxiety.
  • Steep at 185* for 1-3 minutes.
  • More White Tea Benefits.

    *Please note: information on our site is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    "In Chinese we say tea washes the spirit. It's not something that just enters your stomach, it also enters your mind." - Patrick Cui, Tea Master

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Iced Tea contains the same healthful tea benefits as hot tea. Iced Tea Sampler

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  • Moroccan Mint Organic (Green)
  • Yunnan Golden Halo (Black)
  • Garden Party Organic (White)
  • Pink Rose Lemonade (Herbal)

    "Tea with us became more than an idealization of the form of drinking; it is a religion of the art of life...." - Teaism was Taoism in disguise. ~Okakura Kakuzō

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White tea contains the same types of antioxidants as green tea- only in greater quantities.