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If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. – Japanese Proverb
A few word from Wendi regarding her personal "tea ritual".

Tea is history. And tea is personal.

If you were to ask ten people what they like most about a cup of tea, you're likely to get ten unique responses.

But if you were to ask those same ten people what one thing helped to develop their love of tea- or rather their "tea ritual", you're likely to hear just one response...

"I love the way tea makes me feel."

Wendi says, "I can't start my day without Bangor Breakfast Blend. But my true love is green tea, especially since I've discovered what it does for my skin. My first green favorite is Organic Dragonwell. It's easy to drink and doesn't overpower my lunch. On the weekends I love Sencha Blues. It's a blend of Dragonwell and Japanese Sencha with a twist of wild strawberries and rhubarb. Before bed I'm all in for herbal tisane, or anything with HIBISCUS for the health benefits. Often I go for World Peace Organic, because who doesn't want World Peace?"

"My husband loves
English Breakfast Blend! - Brian's Wife

"Before I attended a
Teatrition Tea & Wellness Tea Party at my sister's house, I thought all tea came in a tea bag from the grocery store, which I found out contained only "fannings or dustings". That's the stuff left over after bulk tea is processed. It doesn't contain the same nutrients as fresh loose tea and not nearly the amount of flavor. The tea educator started me out with something mild and tasty- although I also learned that flavor is not the real reason I should be drinking tea, but rather the numerous health benefits which I noticed after just a few cups. Berry Scone Organic and Peppermint Herbal are my two favorites. But Chocolate Peppermint Patty and Persian Plum Organic are on my list!" (Tea Party Attendee)

Dr. B. is Teatrition's biggest fan of ROOBIOS once she discovered the numerous health benefits this naturally caffeine-free South African bush plant. In addition to the well documented benefits, antioxidants, and the pack of minerals- as if that isn't enough- the flavor is naturally sweet, so it's perfect in place of that sugary afternoon snack or for children. Because she also studies herbs and their usefulness, she frequently drinks our superbly popular Berry Scone Rooibos.

A daily tea ritual is not only uncomplicated and a simple way to practice self-care, but the entire family can partake and it takes only a few minutes each day.