Questions about tea & other things

Q: How much tea will 1 ounce of loose leaf tea yield?
A: 1 ounce of loose leaf tea should yield 12 (8 ounce) cups of hot brew. Use more tea if you desire bolder tea flavor. We recommend 2X for brewing iced tea.

Q: Is it safe for everyone to drink tea?
A: As with anything to be consumed, we recommend you ask your doctor if herbals or teas containing caffeine will interfere with your prescriptions. This would include persons with allergies and awesome breastfeeding moms.

Q: What should I do if I can't afford or don't own an expensive tea maker?
A: No worries. Tea balls are relatively inexpensive (-/$4 usually), but we also recommend disposable tea bags. These are available at most grocery stores & we carry "Express Bags" available on this site 100 for $3. They are perfect for tucking into your purse or briefcase and can be prepared ahead of time. Most of the time they are reusable in one sitting. For Cold Brews, we carry Cold Brew Infusers $6 that simply screw onto any quality grocery store purchased water bottle. Sip & enjoy!

Q: Does Teatrition Tea And Wellness have a physical store location where I can visit?
A: No. Not at this time. The decision to offer quality loose leaf and organic teas online only was made in order to be able to affordably offer rare and more expensive loose leaf tea varieties that we would not be otherwise able to offer at the reasonable prices that we offer today. Keeping our overhead as low has additionally made it possible to employee a human to help us out with your tea orders.

Q: If there is no physical store, how do I know which teas I should get?
A: Teatrition is always happy to work with you in order to determine your palette preference; even offer free loose leaf tea samples to get you started. Please remember that Teatrition Tea And Wellness is a nutritionally inspired loose leaf tea company and that while flavor is important- nutrition and health benefits rock!

Q: If your teas are geared towards nutrition and wellness first, how do I know they will taste good? After all, don't a few teas contain dandelion?
A: Rest assured that while we focus on ingredients that offer a healthy purpose, we never offer a blend that we ourselves will not drink. While it's true dandelion delivers a slight bite in flavor, we've managed to see that it's blended with naturally sweet ingredients such as the stevia plant, licorice or peppermint- to name a few. Of course the pure leaf teas are just that- pure. And when steeped properly there should never be a bitter taste. Remember, before tea was food it was medicine.

Q: Do teas offered by Teatrition Tea And Wellness contain preservatives or unnatural sweeteners?
A: No. Additionally, Teatrition Tea And Wellness offers organic whenever possible. Note: many teas are grown responsibly on tea plantations that have not been yet approved as organic, but that does not mean they are treated with harmful pesticides or fertilizers. It simply means they have not been certified organic. We do not purchase teas from any plantation that we know uses such methods and prefer organic in everything we do at home and in our business.

Q: Do you blend all the teas yourself?
A: No. In order to offer a wide selection of tea blends, we've joined forces with two reputable tea blenders- one in upstate New York and one in Colorado.

Q: I know nothing about tea. Where do I start?
A: We recommend starting on our Home Page. Scroll down to Health Benefits. Click on the health benefits that matter to you most. If you're still unsure, we offer a variety of sampler packs. Steeping instructions will be listed on each 2 oz package of loose leaf tea to guide you. It will benefit you to sign up at the bottom of our Home Page for email updates, which are stuffed with tea tips, tutorials, recipes, crafts and tea education- even a class schedule!

Q: Do you offer home parties?
A: Teatrition will consider hosting an inhome party demonstration free of charge if you live or work in the greater Bangor, Maine area. We also offer an online party. In both instances the host will earn free tea karma, spendable on a Teatrition Tea And Wellness gift card to use at leisure with no expiration date unless otherwise noted. Teatrition also offers tea lectures and on occasion will attend trade shows or events.